Yunyan water recycling plants start operations


The new Liuguangmen water recycling plant and the Guiyi water recycling plant in Yunyan district of Guiyang started operating on June 30.


Mask manufacturer in industrial park starts operations


The first face mask manufacturer in the Guian-Yunyan Industrial Park in Guiyang started up its production line for heavy duty N95 medical masks on Mar 18.


Yunyan district targets 34 major engineering projects


Yunyan district in Guiyang will continue to implement 34 major engineering projects and key projects on a special support list.


Intelligent manufacturing facility breaks ground in Yunyan


A high-end intelligent production research and development facility with a total investment of 250 million yuan ($35.9 million) on Dec 14 started construction in the Yunyan district of Guiyang city.


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