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Yunyan accelerates high-quality scientific education development

english.guiyang.gov.cn|Updated: 2024-03-29

In recent years, Yunyan district in Guiyang, capital of Southwest China's Guizhou province, has strategically enhanced the quality of science education in its primary and secondary schools, effectively promoting the high-quality development of scientific education.

Regular scientific education seminars have been implemented to facilitate the exchange of teaching experiences and educational insights among teachers, promoting collaborative teaching methods.

Emphasis has been placed on strengthening hands-on experimental teaching, establishing research topics, and conducting scientific and technological innovation activities to ensure that every student can engage in practical experiments and experiences.

Yunyan has integrated innovation, practice, and development into its new scientific education curriculum, focusing on cultivating students' scientific literacy and practical abilities. Diverse scientific courses and activities have been introduced, all of which fully integrate scientific education into after-school services.

For instance, Guiyang Experimental Primary School has actively developed STEM courses; Huanghua Street Primary School has made use of its history as an automotive parts factory and incorporated this into its curriculum by offering automotive culture courses; and Xiangyang Experimental Primary School has extensively implemented meteorological science courses.

The district has actively utilized external educational resources, organizing student visits to various high-tech units, such as the National Astronomical Observatories at the Chinese Academy of Sciences. These visits have facilitated scenario-based and experiential scientific activities that comprehensively enhance the overall quality of the students' education.

In the future, Yunyan will further refine its primary and secondary school scientific education system, enrich practical scientific activities, and explore effective approaches for scientific education implementation and innovative talent development models. These efforts will establish a new pattern of common development inside and outside of schools.

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