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Urban rail transit injects new vitality to Yunyan

english.guiyang.gov.cn|Updated: 2023-12-20

Guiyang Metro Line 3 began its official operations on Dec 16, allowing more residents to travel by rail from the convenience of their doorsteps.

With the connection between Metro Line 3 and Lines 1 and 2, the total length of Guiyang's rail transit network now stands at roughly 118 kilometers, connecting important functional nodes such as major business districts and residential areas in Yunyan district.

Located in the center of the city, Yunyan has a dense population and a large flow of people.

Guiyang Urban Rail Transit has set up about 20 stations in Yunyan, connecting the Penshuichi core business district and Qianling Mountain Park that many tourists consider a must-visit, as well as the traditional business districts of Daximen and Dayingpo.

The China Construction Building, located next to the Yunyan district people's government complex, is one of only five 5A-level buildings in Guiyang, attracting more than 70 companies to settle there, including Douyin's headquarters in Guizhou.

Wang Jun, president of Guizhou Fusion Holding Group Co, operator of the China Construction Building, expressed high hopes for the opening of Metro Line 3.

"The opening of Metro Line 3 has boosted investors' confidence of the building, while also having a positive effect on the introduction of fresh talent and the further expansion of the operations of the companies that have settled there."

In the future, Yunyan's metro business operations will also become more diversified. Community commercial complexes will be built around metro stations to serve those passing by the stations, promoting local economic and social development.

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