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Top tourist attractions for outing in Yunyan district

english.guiyang.gov.cn|Updated: 2023-06-19

Yunyan district in Guiyang, the capital of Southwest China's Guizhou province, boasts a plethora of tourist attractions for day trips. Here are some of the highlights:

Qianling Mountain Park


Qianling Mountain Park is the perfect spot for locals to unwind and enjoy some leisure and entertainment. [Photo/WeChat account of Yunyan district]

This is the only forest park in a provincial capital in China with a large population of wild macaques. It is also a top choice to experience the natural scenery of southwestern China, soak up the cultural atmosphere of Guiyang and enjoy panoramic views of the city.

Here, tourists can climb the mountain, go boating and appreciate the natural beauty, and get up close and personal with monkeys and pandas, the two most adorable "residents" of Qianling Mountain.

Address: No 187 Zaoshan Road, Yunyan district, Guiyang

Dongshan Mountain Park

Also known as Qixia Mountain, this is located outside the east gate of Guiyang. Dongling Road is like a ladder stretching up the clouds. It is not only a scenic tourist spot, but also the earliest Buddhist destination in Guiyang, built over 260 years earlier than Hongfu Temple in Qianling Mountain.

Address: No 16 Dongshan Road, Yunyan district, Guiyang

Wenchang Pavilion

Built in 1596, the pavilion covers 1,200 square meters. It is famous for its ingenious design and distinctive structure, and has been awarded the National Key Culture Relic Protection Unit.


Wenchang Pavilion in Yunyan district. [Photo/WeChat account of Yunyan district]

It is a 9-sided pavilion with a peculiar architectural style. It sits up high on the walls of the east gate in Guiyang, so if tourists step onto the pavilion, everything from mountains and rivers to cities and walls becomes visible. As such, it offers unrivalled views of Guiyang.

Address: No 29 Wenchang Street, Yunyan district, Guiyang

Luchongguan Forest Park

In Yunyan district a forest park that is as expansive as Qianling Mountain serves as a natural oxygen bar in the north of the city – Luchongguan Forest Park.

It not only includes the precipitous Liuchong Pass, but also a sense of intoxicating beauty all around. Walking up the mountain along a steep trail lets hikers enjoy the ubiquitous greenery and fresh air. 

Address: Qingling town, Yunyan district, Guiyang

Denggaoyun Mountain Forest Park


An aerial view of Denggaoyun Mountain Forest Park. [Photo/WeChat account of Yunyan district]

This is located between the Qianling and Nanyue mountains. It is an ideal place for forest outings, leisure and entertainment.

It sits at an altitude of 1,314 meters, and visitors must climb a stone ladder comprising exactly 520 steps in order to enter. Many young people enjoy coming here for outings, or to take wedding photos.

Address: East section of Zhonghuan Road, Yunyan district, Guiyang

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