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Yunyan's outlook for economic and social development in 2022

english.guiyang.gov.cn|Updated: 2022-01-13

The GDP of Yunyan district in Guiyang, capital city of Southwest China's Guizhou province, is expected to increase by 9 percent in 2022 according to the economic and social development plan set up by the district's government.

The per capita disposable income of urban residents is projected to increase by about 10 percent, and industrial investment will account for more than 8 percent of investment in fixed assets.

The district has outlined plans for:


Yunyan will focus on the development of its leading industry of electronic information manufacturing and characteristic industry of biotechnology. In 2022, the district's total output value of the electronic information industry should reach 2 billion yuan ($31.42 million).

The district will support the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing industries, increase investment in technological transformation by more than 20 percent, and a complete industrial output value of 32 billion yuan.


The district's urban renewal will be promoted with a focus on infrastructure construction such as transportation.

The full coverage of rural municipal water supply and domestic sewage treatment will be achieved in the district.


Yunyan will launch 10 boutique tourist routes and improve tourism service quality, to ensure visitor satisfaction to stay ahead of the city.

The development of emerging cultural formats and cultural consumption models will be advanced and the added value growth rate of the cultural industry by more than 15 percent.

Reform, opening-up, and innovation:

The district will actively develop an export-oriented economy. In 2022, Yunyan's total foreign trade and actual utilized foreign capital is projected to grow by more than 30 percent.

Investment promotion will also be a focus of the district. In the year, Yunyan will ensure that 7 billion yuan is in place for newly introduced industrial projects.

Ecological culture:

Yunyan will accelerate the restoration of exposed mountains and increase the area of green space by 70,000 square meters. The good air quality rate in the district should remain above 95 percent.

The district will also promote advanced energy-saving and environmental protection technologies and equipment and the district's prefabricated buildings will account for more than 30 percent of the new construction area. 

Public services:

In 2022, four new fresh food supermarkets and 4,800 public parking spaces will be built in the district along with 17 farmers' markets being upgraded or renovated.

The construction of the Yunyan District Maternity and Childcare Hospital, the Yunyan District Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and three community healthcare centers will be completed allowing residents to benefit from high-quality medical services.

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