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Updated: 2021-04-07


It is an eatery specializing in fish hot pot, with its signature dishes including Jianhe sour soup fish, nourishing nutrient soup, and spicy fish. 

There are 15 private rooms and two balcony-side rooms, which can accommodate 150-180 people. 

Chess and entertainment services are also provided

Address: Next to the Kaiyang No 1 Middle School Gas Station 

Tel: 0851-7233899 

2.Zijiang Fishing Village 

It is a large fish-themed food center, with a beautiful environment, green mountains and water, a bamboo forest, and convenient transportation.

Offering catering, leisure and entertainment, it can accommodate 500 people.

It is a famous dining enterprise in Guizhou.

Its signature dishes include boiled yellow cartfish, salt and pepper fish and spicy Opsariichthys evolans.

Address: Toll Gate outside the South Gate of Kaiyang county (around the entry of the Guiyang-Kaiyang Expressway) 

Tel: 0851-7227966 13765169086 

3.Xianxiangle Restaurant 

It boasts a quiet environment, high-grade decoration, standardized management and first-class service.

It is Kaiyang's first time-honored brand specializing in wild fish in Lewang River and a variety of homemade hot pots.

It can undertake high-end reception, and integrates leisure and entertainment.

Address: Kaizhou Avenue (next to the Quality Supervision Bureau) 

Tel: 0851-7253868 

4.Yulaosan Braised Mutton Restaurant 

It is Kaiyang's first original Sichuan and Guiyang-style restaurant, using local high-quality mutton.

It can accommodate 200 people. Chess rooms are also available.

Address: Chengxi Road (next to the Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital) 

Tel: 13984363736 

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