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Mask manufacturer in industrial park starts operations

Updated: 2020-04-20

Guizhou Aikangjia Medical Technology Co, the first face mask manufacturer in the Guian-Yunyan Industrial Park in Guiyang -- capital city of China’s Southwest Guizhou province – started up its production line for heavy duty N95 medical masks on Mar 18, according to district officials.

They said it took only 26 days for the company to decide to settle in Guian-Yunyan Industrial Park on Feb 21 to start mask production on March 18.

The government of Yunyan district and the management committee of Guian New Zone, the joint founders of the Guian-Yunyan Industrial Park, opened fast track channels for the manufacturer’s site selection, plant renovation, business license application, coordination of equipment suppliers and inspection certificate submission.

Officials said the high efficiency of the company’s production marks the integration development of the Yunyan and Guian New Zone in a fast track facility.

"The company was immediately launched as a result of the shortage of emergency materials in Guiyang caused by the COVID-19 epidemic and insufficient local production enterprises,” said Wang Bing, chairman of Aikangjia Medical Technology Co.

Headquartered in Foshan, Guangdong province, the company is normally a  manufacturer of diapers, employing similar raw materials and using similar equipment as mask manufacturers – speeding up its transition into a new area of operations.

Following the opening of the N95 mask production line, the company plans to launch two more disposable mask production lines within the month.

When all the three production lines are in operation, the daily mask output is expected to reach about 250,000, according to the company chairman.



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