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​Guizhou Maternal and Child Health Hospital

Updated: 2019-08-27

Guizhou Maternal and Child Health Hospital (also know as Guiyang Maternal and Child Health Hospital and Guiyang Children's Hospital) is the largest 3A maternal and child health hospital in Guizhou province with completed functions and advanced equipment and integrating medical treatment, health care, teaching, scientific research and health education. 

Its predecessor is the Guiyang Municipal Maternity Institute, which was founded in 1938. It now covers an area of 80 mu with a total construction area of 155,000 square meters. In 1996, it became one of the first batch of 3A hospitals and baby-friendly hospitals approved by the Ministry of Health; in January 2014, it was listed as Guizhou Maternal and Child Health Hospital. In February 2014, it became a non-direct affiliated women's and children's hospital of Guizhou Medical University. In June 2016, it established the College of Pediatrics of Guizhou Medical University and the Institute of Maternal and Child Clinical Medicine of Guizhou Medical University together with Guizhou Medical University. 

Address: No 63, Ruijin South Road, Nanming district, Guiyang 

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